Visa application for nationals of Namibia


Short-Term Stay

(A stay of up to 90 days for tourism, business, visiting friends or relatives, etc. that does not include remunerative activities)
  1. Download Visa Application Form.

    with QR code [PDF])

    without QR code for handwriting [PDF])

  2. Download Outline of Application Procedures.

    Outline of Application Procedures for Single Entry Visas (for Those with Nationalities Other Than China, Philippines, Russia or NIS Countries) (PDF)

  3. See page 2 of the outline and follow the instructions that applies to your situation.

    Short-Term Business Affairs,etc   |   Visiting Relatives/Acquaintances   |   Tourism

    *In either case, it is not allowed to perform any activities to undertake revenue-generating business operations or any activities to receive remuneration.


Work or Long-Term Stay

(A stay during which the applicant performs remunerative work in Japan or a stay of over 90 days in Japan, etc.)
  1. Click the link below.

    VISA / Residing in Japan, Work or Long-term stay


  2. Select your visa type that applies to your situation and follow the instructions.