Embassy of Japan in Republic of Namibia


(1) Physical address

Embassy of Japan   (MAP)
78 Sam Nujoma Drive, Klein Windhoek, Windhoek,

(2) Postal address

Embassy of Japan
P.O.BOX 23025, Windhoek
Republic of Namibia

(3) Contact


(4) Opening hours and holidays

1. Opening Hours
  Monday to Friday : 08:30 – 12:45, 13:45 -17:00
  (Consular section: 09:00 – 12:30, 14:00 –16:00)

2. Holidays
January 1 (Fri)                New Year's day
January 11 (Mon)           Coming of Age Day (Japanese Holiday)
March 22 (Mon)             Public Holiday
April 2 (Fri)                    Good Friday
April 5 (Mon)                 Public Holiday
May 4 (Tue)                   Cassinga Day
May 13 (Thu)                 Ascension Day
May 25 (Tue)                 Africa Day
July 22 (Thu)                  Marine Day (Japanese Holiday)
July 23 (Fri)                    Sports Day (Japanese Holiday)
August 26 (Thu)             Heroes Day
September 20 (Mon)       Respect for the Aged Day(Japanese Holiday)
November 3 (Wed)         Culture Day
(Japanese Holiday)
December 10 (Fri)          Namibian Women's Day/Human Rights Day
December 27 (Mon)       Public Holiday
December 29 (Wed)       Year End Holiday (Japanese Holiday)
December 30 (Thu)        Year End Holiday (Japanese Holiday)
December 31 (Fri)          Year End Holiday (Japanese Holiday) 

January 1 (Wed)             New Year’s Day                     
January 2 (Thu)              New Year Holiday                                (Japanese Holiday)
January 3 (Fri)                New Year Holiday                               (Japanese Holiday)
January 13 (Mon)           Coming of Age Day                             (Japanese Holiday)
February 11(Tue)            National Foundation Day                     (Japanese Holiday)            
April 10 (Fri)                  Good Friday                                                                            
April 13 (Mon)                Easter Monday                                                    
May 1 (Fri)                    Workers Day
May 4 (Mon)                  Cassinga Day                                               
May 21(Thu)                  Ascension Day
May 25 (Mon)                Africa Day                    
July 23 (Thu)                 Marine Day                                       (Japanese Holiday)       
August 10 (Mon)            Mountain day                                   (Japanese Holiday)
August 26 (Wed)           Heroes’ Day                                                          
September 21 (Mon)      Respect for the Aged Day                  (Japanese Holiday)
November 3 (Tue)         Culture Day                                      (Japanese Holiday)
November 25(Wed)       Election day 
December 10 (Thu)       International Human Rights Day    
December 25 (Fri)         Christmas Day                                                     
December 30 (Wed)      Year End Holiday                               (Japanese Holiday)
December 31 (Thu)       Year End Holiday                               (Japanese Holiday)