Japanese Animation Series Start to Air on NBC

From 4th December 2017, four Japanese Animation TV series will start to air on nbc for Namibian audiences to enjoy globally popular Japanese cartoon, or “Manga” during the coming festive season.  

On Monday 4th December, the broadcast of two animation series entitled "Phoenix" and "Black Jack" will start on nbc 1 from 9:30 and 15:00 respectively.  Both pieces are created by late Osamu Tezuka who is globally recognised as a pioneer of animation with his great success of making Japanese animation internationally popular.

【Phoenix : from 4th December, Monday to Friday at 09:30 on nbc1
13 self-contained stories about life and death in search of eternal life. Each story takes place in different eras; 3rd century, 7th century, 25th century and far distant future, which are loosely linked by the presence of the mythical bird known as the Phoenix, an immortal guardian of the universal life force.

Black Jack: from 11th December, every Monday at 15:00 on nbc1
An extremely gifted but unlicensed surgeon, Black Jack, performs complicated operations and saves patients in serious conditions in exchange for extortionate prices for his services. Is he just evil or the man who has the hands of God?

Two other internationally popular animation series are "Chibi Maruko Chan" and "Encouragement of Climb season 1&2" will also start to air on nbc shortly. The broadcast details will be announced soon.  

【Chibi Maruko Chan】
The series, which are based on some of the author’s own experiences and thoughts during her childhood, depicts the simple, everyday life of a primary school girl called Maruko and her family who live in suburban Japan.

【Encouragement of Climb season 1&2

Two high-school girls, Aoi and Hinata are childhood friends. Aoi prefers staying indoors and is afraid of heights, whereas Hinata is outgoing and loves mountaineering. They both decide to climb a mountain, in order to see a sunrise they saw together in their childhood.