Launch of “National Red Cross Society HEP E Virus Sub-project”

On Friday, 30 October 2020, an official launch of the “National Red Cross Society HEP E Virus Sub-project” was held at the Moses //Garoeb Constituency Community Hall (Katutura).  The launching ceremony was officiated by H.E. Hideaki Harada, Ambassador of Japan to Namibia, Dr. Charles Sagoe-Moses, WHO Country Representative, Ms. Naemi Shoopala, Director of Primary Health Care Services of the Ministry of Health and Social Services and Dr. Namu-Nkosi Musulwe, Programme Manager of the Namibia Red Cross Society.

The HEP E Virus Sub-project is a part of the project titled “Improving the national preparedness and response capacity to contain infectious disease outbreaks and other drought related public heath events in Namibia”, a trilateral project between the Government of Japan, the Ministry of Health and Social Services and the World Health Organization, to which Japan contributed an amount of close to 4 million NAD.  The sub-project, in cooperation with the Namibia Red Cross Society, will help to create and sustain focused dialogue within communities through door-to-door campaigns and other community initiatives to increase risk perception at individual level and to foster behavior change resulting in reduced exposure to the hepatitis E virus. 

During the ceremony, Ambassador Harada remarked, “The Government of Japan remains committed to promoting universal health coverage and improving the health and wellbeing of the people of Namibia, and continues to invest in strengthening its health system to prepare and respond better to infectious disease outbreaks, such as Hepatitis E and COVID-19.”

Representatives of the Ministry of Health and Social Services, the WHO, and the Namibia Red Cross Society, emphasized the importance of the sub-project and expressed their gratitude for  Japan’s support to strengthen the health system in Namibia.

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